The Solution

Cities are core partners who create and drive demand for high-value circular innovations.


An innovative approach.

To unlock regeneration and equity at scale, the Circular City Coalition is uniquely position to provide cities, several critical and innovative elements that can help catalyze a regenerative and equitable transition, including:


Create & enable meaningful multi-sector collaboration

As part of our circular city engagements, the Circular City Coalition provides the necessary tools, frameworks, and strategies to help each city meaningfully engage and align like-minded partners.


Provide a patient, outcomes-driven funding platform

Cities interested in devising and implementing circular economy action plans require unique, adaptive funding models that are accessible and community-owned.

A demand-driven approach to circular economy innovation

To help facilitate this, the Circular City Coalition positions cities as core partners who create and drive demand for high-value, high-visibility circular innovations through public procurement budgets and city-wide goals.


Cities are centers of circular innovation & entrepreneurship.


Cities are impact hotspots with acute circular economy challenges that can trigger innovation.


Cities are highly concentrated, interconnected, and manageable scale for experimentation.


Autonomy of cities mean they can be agents for change—incentivizing and seeding future circular economy markets through public budgets and regulation.