About Us

A multi-stakeholder partnership to enable the transition to a regenerative and equitable system

The Circular City Coalition is a multi-stakeholder partnership with a shared vision to enable the rapid and just transition from the current extractive economy to a regenerative and equitable one.

Comprised of leading international non-government organizations, multinational corporations, social enterprises, and upstream circular start-ups, the Circular City Coalition is driven by collaboration and the need to build a better world—so that all communities may thrive. Together, our five organizations are experts in the field, boasting a global reach from 34 offices on six continents. We have advised more than 60 governments and cities on circular economy and climate policy and have collectively facilitated and implemented multi-stakeholder programs representing local community interests in more than 110 countries.

“Our mission is to design out these environmental, social, and economic issues simultaneously, rather than one at a time, and to help bring regenerative and equitable solutions to scale in cities across the world.”

—Deirdre White, CEO of Pyxera Global

“Cities are a powerful leverage point because of their immense resource use and concentrated population. We have been engaging with cities for the past ten years. If we restructure the economy towards a circular model, these resources can be the bedrock of a new economy, with more resilience, more jobs, and less environmental impact.

We are working towards breaking down the financial barriers and creating enabling conditions to push the transformation and tackle multiple problems, from inequality to pollution to resource management.”

—Eva Gladek, CEO and founder of Metabolic

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Advised government & cities on circular economy and climate policy
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Countries faciliated & implemented multi-stakeholder programs representing
Offices on six continents
Our Mission

To design and implement regenerative and equitable solutions to scale in cities across the world.

Our extractive linear economy is directly responsible for creating unprecedented environmental challenges and civil society injustices on a global scale. But together, we can be part of the solution.